What’s your Yam Suf?


    You know, that challenge that you have been facing for years?

    The thing you have promised yourself a million times to get over?

    The thing you have wanted to accomplish for ages?


    This is your Yam Suf/Yam Sof – the point of go/no-go.


    This teshuva season, experience a whole new approach for going beyond everything you have done until now.


    Join your circle of sisters on the beautiful separate beach of Rishon Letzion for a day of loving teshuva, growth, friendship, dancing, and the sea!

    What’s included:

    • Transportation back and forth
    • 2 breakthrough workshops
    • Beautiful beach to sunbath and swim
    • Bring your own lunch and tambourines!

    Transportation from Jerusalem and Bet Shemesh (leaving at 9 am) or come on your own.


    NIS 120 with bus/NIS 80 without bus

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    Our obstacles and blocks can hide in unexpected places.


    Our breakthroughs come from looking at life from a new vantage point.


    Join Leah for an online breakthrough reflective experience to get the big picture view of your life. Explore your successes and challenges, beliefs, and behaviors in 6 key areas of life to see what works (and do more of it), reflect on what doesn’t (and understand why), and see your way forward in the new year.


    Get clarity on how the different parts of your life affect each other and how to create greater balance between your different roles.

    What’s included:

    • 90-minute interactive workshop
    • 1-week personal 1-1 follow-up support
    • Workbook
    • Session Recording

    Price: NIS 36 (2 x chai!)/ US $12

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  • E. T., Jerusalem


    One hour into the Your Life - The Whole Picture workshop, I realized exactly why I have been so burnt out! I am sick and tired of finding myself in situations where I have to tell people what to do. I never thought of my role in these terms and the workshop just brought things into focus! Thank you!

    Rabbanit Bat Chen Grossman
    Rabbanit Bat Chen Grossman, Kochav Yaakov

    Leah’s superpower is creating long-lasting bonds between the participants as well as leading each individual to their own ah-ha moments, where they can find clarity and the courage to take the next best step. During the year after participating in her Elul retreat, I achieved every single item I had put down on my vision board. I highly recommend anything Leah does with much love and appreciation.

    Elul retreat with Leah Aharoni
    Channa Coggan, Maale Adumim

    This retreat taught me all kinds of things I was not expecting to learn. It was over and above everything I expected. I came here with some issues I wanted to consider about where I am going in Elul and Rosh Hashanah. In the very first workshop, someone shared that she felt scared and overwhelmed and that was how I felt. After the workshop, however, I reflected on some positive experiences I have had and saw how I could draw on them to relate to Hashem as my Father, how easy it could be. And the people here are amazing. There is so much feedback, suggestions, support from other people who are also serious about their avodat Hashem.

    Challah bake on a retreat
    Leah Bassett, Bet Shemesh

    Sometimes I wait till I am falling apart and then I’ll go on a retreat. And this time I was thinking 'I am not sure, because I am doing ok, so I don’t HAVE to go.' But that’s when you get the most out of it. When you are not falling apart. And we deserve it and need to give it to ourselves, and go from strength to strength. Instead of falling and having to climb back up. It has been awesome!



    Women's retreat in Hadiatch with Leah Aharoni
    Dina Grussgott, London

    We only came back yesterday and I am already missing my new fun family! I have no words for the incredible, enthralling, inspiring, jam-packed trip with you and the "girls". There might be other trips in my future, but the first one will always be special. A once in a lifetime memory to treasure.




    Ever since I was a child, I've been looking to understand the inner workings of life, to see through the veneer of surroundings and circumstances.


    Since I was born in the Soviet Union, I learned early on that what you see is not always what you get. That there are deeper truths behind everything. Despite the official anti-religious party line, I insisted on connecting in every way I could to our Jewish heritage. Spending the summers in the Jewish village of my grandfather, I'd pick up words in Yiddish, exchanged by his friends.


    It was also during these summers that I "worked" in my grandfather's market store. Watching him do business despite the Communist ban on private commerce, I inherited his approach to leveraging even the most complicated situations. Although officially he ran a government second-hand store, it was here that people came to sell and buy valuable, hard-to-get things: hand-crafted clothes, estate jewelry, antiques, and items bought abroad. Dozens of families made a living with my grandfather's help. This became a lifelong lesson in finding treasures where nobody thought to look. Calculating with an abacus (google it), customer service, and keeping one's mouth shut were other lessons imparted by my grandfather.


    After spending my teen years in the United States, I came to Israel for college. Spending my formative years on 3 different continents honed my ability to adapt to cultures, yet maintain an outside perspective. In my coaching and consulting work, I translate these skills into empathy and non-judgmental listening, combined with critical analysis of situations.


    All of these early experiences translated into a lifelong quest for the principles of a proactive, meaningful, eyes-wide-open life. I have found these by discovering the improbable yet undeniable link between the teachings of Chassidic masters and the latest research in human and organizational psychology. Both of these schools of thought and the connections between them accompany me as I coach women, consult companies, and teach Torah.


    Today it is my greatest joy to share what I have learned with other growth-oriented women like you.


    Have a question? Email me at any time

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