• "I need direction"

    You went to school (like you were told to), got a profession (like you were told to), and worked for years (like you were expected).


    But you don't want to do that anymore. You want to do work that is enjoyable and meaningful to you, helpful to others, and financially rewarding for your family.


    Yet every direction you've looked at seems like a dead end. "I could do ......., but ......." is playing in your mind.


    And when you do have an idea of what you'd like to do, you don't know how to apply it practically to be able to earn money.


    You don't have a lot of money to invest, a lot of time to retrain, and the mental energy to start from scratch.


    Your unique life mission

    At the core of my work is the belief that every single person comes into the world with a UNIQUE LIFE MISSION. Something that she is uniquely positioned in the world to do to contribute to making the world a better place


    How do you find that?


    Your unique life mission is a junction of:

    • What you love doing
    • What you are great at
    • What the market needs 

    It's the sweet spot where you can do important work you love, while making good money


    START MOVING is right for you if

    You have been feeling:

    • stuck
    • unfulfilled 
    • lacking direction
    • frustrated with your job
    • like you have put your needs last
    • lacking in meaning
    • confused

    You want to:

    • Decide what to study
    • Find/move careers
    • Find a better job
    • Open a business or a non-profit
    • Apply your skills in a different way

    You are willing to:

    • examine and tackle your internal obstacles
    • develop positive, empowered thinking
    • take control of your life
    • find and acknowledge your talents

    You can commit to:

    • 5 weekly coaching calls/meetings
    • 1-2 hours of action steps a week
    • following through with agreed-upon plan of action

    The program consists of 5 calls, each devoted to a different module


    Empower your mindset

    Identify your inner obstacles and ineffective thinking patterns and replace them with new outlooks and attitudes that support your growth


    Find your love

    (Re)discover your values, interests, and passions. Identify what you love doing and which activities bring you energy and happiness.


    Examine your toolbox

    Take a full stock of ALL your skills and abilities, including the talents you never paid attention to or never knew how to implement in your work.


    Check out the market

    Examine the job and business landscape to identify opportunities and underdeveloped areas, where you could niche and shine.


    Put it all together

    Combine the insights from the previous 4 modules to create an actionable plan for you to pursue your new career direction.


    "I walked in here crying and feeling like such a failure. On a 1 to 10 scale, I was a 9 failure. Every professional direction I tried had failed. I have objective difficulties and I felt I would not be able to get over them and make something of myself.


    For the past few years I've been doing something that is just a job and though I really love it, I didn't think there was any way to make it into a career. I thought I would needed to go back to school for the next 6 years and spend the money I don't have to be able to become an expert.


    In our work, I realized what my strengths are. We did emotional work that helped me be OK with who I am. I still feel a bit like a failure, but now it's a 3 or a 4. And I know what emotional work to do with that.


    I have a clear direction for a business (that's been under my nose all these years, but I just didn't see). I can start it now with clear action steps. I can do what I love and what I am really good at, that could become a career for me."




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