Leah Aharoni, Business Coach

    Twenty-some years ago, as a young mother, I couldn't figure out how to work a 9-to-5 job and raise 2 kids. Starting a business at home sounded like a plan.


    That was my first encounter with entrepreneurship.


    After building a successful translation company, with hundreds of government, corporate, and non-profit clients and over 300 translators worldwide, I was asked to mentor a small group of female business owners for a year. I loved mentoring and they really benefited.


    At 35, that was how I first learned what I REALLY want to be when I grow up.


    Between having real down-in-the-trenches experience of running my own business and extensive business-development training, I really know what it takes to succeed as a female business owner.


    And I offer this knowledge to you.


    Of course, one of the prerequisites to supporting you is that I am successfully loving my business, while raising a family, running a home, getting enough sleep, delegating where I need to and constantly rediscovering myself. My journey can bolster your journey.


    Prior to my career in the private sector, I was the Head of the Mayor’s Office at the Bet El Municipal Council.


    I hold an MA in Industrial and Organizational Psychology and a Bachelor's degree in Education, as well as certification in Life Coaching and Business Consulting.


    Clients describe my coaching style as "hugging with one hand and pushing forward with the other".


    I coach small business owners and position you – the one in charge of your own future - to take your company to the next level, structuring services and products in compelling ways, identifying and removing internal blocks to your success, and leveraging your existing skill set and resources.


    If you are just starting out, together we will turn your idea into a real business, by putting into place the money, marketing, and management pieces all businesses need.


    For those who have been successful in getting your business off the ground, but lack the required skills or confidence to move toward productization, efficiency, scalability, and ultimately, sustainable profitability – I can help you. I know from experience that loving what you do along with being plagued by self-doubt leads to rough waters. I offer direction and support through an exploration process to reclaim your self-confidence and reach new clients.


    My method includes personal investigation of your unique, G-d-given purpose in life, as well as step-by-step, practical tools to build success.


    My lectures, workshops, and one-on-one coaching sessions combine the psychological insights of millennia-old Jewish classical texts with the latest in entrepreneurial research.


    Let’s work together! Contact me to get started!

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