You have been in this business for a few years and you made a bit of money.


    But it is frustrating not to be able to attract enough clients, not to make enough money, or to work so hard, when things could be easier.


    When you think “marketing”, you think overwhelming. Everywhere you turn there seems to be a new marketing gimmick, a new time and money drain. But who promised it will work?


    Getting new clients is just too much work and not enough results to justify it.


    You feeling stuck in growing your business. Deep down, you know you have internal obstacles, such as fear, self-doubt, or perfectionism that keep you from doing your best work.


    Plus, there is so much on your plate, it is hard to systematically set aside time for attracting clients


    Everything you need to develop a successful business


    Confident winning mindset through empowerment and focus


    Business tactics that attract great clients who want to buy what you sell


    Balance your family and business to streamline your line and get things done


    Money management tools that put more cash in your pocket


    STEP UP is right for you if

    You have been feeling:

    • stuck
    • self-doubting
    • distracted
    • overwhelmed
    • frustrated by not enough clients
    • taken advantage by clients
    • like spinning the wheels

    You want to:

    • Establish or grow a successful business
    • Attract a predictable flow of clients
    • Make more money while working less
    • Raise your prices
    • Close sales easily 
    • Better manage your time
    • Enjoy your work!

    You are willing to:

    • examine and tackle your internal obstacles
    • develop positive, empowered thinking
    • get serious about your business
    • move out of your comfort zone
    • learn and implement new skills

    You can commit to:

    • 1 to 6 months of intensive coaching calls/meetings
    • 3+ hours of business development a week
    • following through with agreed-upon plan of action
    • implementing new business techniques

    The program is customized to each client and her specific business needs.

    It is based on over 20 modules and dozens of marketing techniques.

    We will only apply those tools that are relevant to your business.

    Typical development process follows the following path.


    Empower your mindset

    Identify your inner obstacles and ineffective thinking patterns and replace them with new outlooks and attitudes that support your growth


    Find your niche

    (Re)discover your values, interests, and skills. Identify opportunities and underdeveloped areas, where you could niche and shine


    Know your clients

    Identify ideal target clients, understand their need and lifestyles. Conduct market research and develop in-depth client profiles.


    Build products

    Learn to develop, build, and price several products at different price points and involvement levels, addressing diverse client needs. 



    Identify and develop the best marketing channels for attracting your ideal customers. learn how to sell with no pressure on you or your clients.


    Put it all together

    Combine the insights from the previous modules to structure a predictable business with systems, time management, money management, and life balance.  

  • "Anyone serious about growing their business should speak to Leah. A few focused sessions with her guided me on a very tachlis but manageable action plan that yielded results within weeks and even years later. What kind of results? Reduced stress and increased income. Who doesn’t want that?"


    Ilana Gutterman, IRG Websites

    "Coaching with Leah was the best money ever spent! My business is thriving."


    Suzanne Dekel, Textile Artist

    "I went to Leah for business coaching at the time that I was focusing on my brand and marketing message for my life coaching business. Leah guided me through an introspective process of articulating my mission. It was more deeply emotional than I expected from a business coach. I said my fears out loud and then re-stated them as positive and forward-thinking vision. Seeing my dreams unfold with such clarity was exciting and inspiring and Leah encouraged me at every step to have courage to make my dreams come true. Leah asked tough questions that pushed me forward and at the same time she cheered me on, with hugs and smiles. Leah taught me to pinpoint who my target audience is and when she said: you’ll be able to pick your true clients out of a crowd, she set a high bar that I wanted to reach. Thank you, Leah for a creative and empowering process!"


    Judy Markose, Life Coach


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