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    Need to solve a specific business issue?

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    Step Up Your Business Coaching for companies looking to attract more clients and make more money

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    Here is what people who grew their businesses with my guidance have to say about working with me.

  • Shira Gura, STUCK Coach

    "I have consumed plenty of business books and courses along the way, but this is the first time I felt like someone was holding my hand and walking me through the steps of building up a business properly.”


    Shira Gura, Master STUCK coach and educator

    Sarah Mageni

    "I have more clients than I can handle right now. This has been going on for over a year since we finished working together so I am not too worried about not having enough clients. You can pat yourself on the back for helping me get to where I am now! I’m very grateful for your help and coaching."


    Sarah Mageni, Sarah Mageni Translations


    Rabbi Issamar Ginzberg

    "Leah is a tireless advocate for her clients. She truly helps in any way she can."


    Rabbi Issamar Ginzberg

    Batya Sherizen The Baby Coach

    "I expected Leah to be like other business coaches I had worked with in the past — helping to implement a fast marketing money-maker for NOW. Instead, within only a few sessions, I was able to rethink my entire business model. She helped me see how to tackle the underlying challenges my business was facing from a healthy, clear, and balanced standpoint that works within the framework of my lifestyle. Leah is an amazing asset to anyone who wants to do well and be happy in the process!"


    Batya Sherizen, The Baby Coach

    "We almost doubled our performance schedule in just one season by working with Leah. And thanks to her money management advice we have a grip on our finances, pay all actors on time, and have more money at the end of the month."


    Esther Lisitzin, Bet Shemesh

    "Leah gave me both hands-on tactics and tools for the emotional sides of my business. Before I had ideas; now I have actionable steps."


    Devora Feldman, Jerusalem

    Ilana Gutterman, IRG Websites

    "Working with Leah, I eliminated some of the most stressful and least profitable types of projects, that have been bogging me down. Instead, we identified my target market and developed new strategies for taking control of the process. Now instead of clients leading me, I can lead them, while understanding their real needs and overcoming obstacles."


    Ilana Gutterman, IRG Websites


    100,000 shekels! This is what she will be taking home over the next 10 months.   This...
    This week I finished an almost a year-long consulting project for a mental health clinic....
    “I know what I need to do, but I keep getting sidetracked,” is a common theme among my clients....
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