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    Let's make it happen for you

    Go from inspiration to ACTionable achievement

    with the Torah's Secret Growth Blueprint



    January - June 2021


    You have a great idea or a project you are passionate about and want to make it happen this year

    Your soul yearns to shine through and live its purpose by making this world better and more beautiful.

    You need a system, accountability, and supportive people in your life to turn it into reality.


    Sounds familiar? Then take ACTion with MasterACT Community (not a Masterclass or a Mastermind)


    Hone your vision in the 6 key areas of your life


    Turn every year into a year of growth and accomplishment with Torah's "Annual Growth Blueprint"


    Follow the step-by-step Chassidic model of super-conscious psychology to turn ideas into reality


    Work with an intimate "personal council" of trusted advisers for accountability, input, and connections


    Motivate yourself and others and get rid of procrastination with surprisingly easy, no-push techniques


    Understand how obstacles and old "baggage" serve your purpose and transform them into opportunity


    (Re)kindle your light with confidence, purpose, and drive to make the difference you are meant to make


    Open yourself to new perspectives and actionable tools for a more empowered and connected life

    While MasterACT makes ample use of Torah sources, no previous knowledge is necessary. MasterACT welcomes women of all religious backgrounds from all over the world.

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    In Chassidic thought, God’s laws of human psychology and action are all convoluted and mystified in coded Kabbalistic language. In reality, these are the truest ways we actually work and I find parallels for these millennia-old ideas in the latest psychological and neurological research


    I am really excited to share these teachings with you in a practical way, based on my own experience.


    In this program, we will follow the unique growth spiral of the year. During Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur we get an influx of consciousness and energy to accomplish our goals for this year. This growth potential is at first dormant, then set off starting on Chanuka. As the year unfolds, you will follow these specific milestones and harness their building-block power to achieve your goals by the summer, when everything comes into its full bloom.


    We will also learn the Chassidic map of human psychology, which shows exactly how "where there is a will, there is a way," so that anything you set your heart on can become a reality.


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    4 in-depth seminars

    4 intensive seminars (2-day kickoff, pre-Purim, post-Pesach and gala celebration) will unpack the little-known knowledge about each season's work and powerful psychological and mind strategies

    in your progress towards your goals.

    You can join in person, virtually, or via recordings. All health regulations will be observed.


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    Weekly virtual sessions

    Each 1-hour session will provide personal and business tools for achieving your vision, give you individual "spotlight" time to get input on your work, and share building-block tools to move you forward. There will be a Pesach break.

    Recordings will be available for special cases, as the program requires your ongoing active participation and commitment.

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    "Personal council" support group

    In addition to the weekly MasterACT meetings with me, you will work closely with a small breakout group of 4-5 women, using the peer-coaching format I will teach at the beginning of the program. This personal council is an asset for life in seeking and giving feedback, situation analysis, and brainstorming.

    Each group will choose the formats (weekly meetings, virtual chat, phone calls).




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    One personal session with Leah

    During the program, you can schedule one private 30-minute session for an thorough overview and analysis of your plan and progress, problem-solving, and individual questions or help you need as you move towards your goals.


    Additional consulting opportunities will be available as needed.




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    Proprietory work tools

    My unique worksheets and tools will enable you to process the information and move forward in your decision-making and implementation.


    You will be able to get additional help, ask questions, and learn from each other in a private Facebook group.

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    What my clients, event participants, and students, have to say

    T. M.:

    "I am sitting here glued to your videos, completely overwhelmed. You have awakened something I never knew I had in me. Everything you are sharing and how you are sharing it is absolutely beautiful. I am drinking in your words and am so appreciative to be part of this."

    Esther Lisitzin Theater Company:

    "We almost doubled our performance schedule in just one season by working with Leah. And thanks to her money management advice we have a grip on our finances, pay all actors on time, and have more money at the end of the month."

    Shira Gura, Master STUCK coach:

    "I have consumed plenty of business books and courses along the way, but this is the first time I felt like someone was holding my hand and walking me through the steps of building up a business properly.”

    "I expected Leah to be like other business coaches — help implement a fast marketing money-maker for NOW. Instead, within only a few sessions, I was able to rethink my entire business model. She helped me tackle the underlying challenges my business was facing from a healthy, clear, and balanced standpoint that works within the framework of my lifestyle. Leah is an amazing asset to anyone who wants to do well and be happy in the process!"

    Rebbetzin Bat-Chen Grossman:

    "Leah’s superpower is creating long-lasting bonds between the participants, as well as leading each individual to their own ah-ha moments, where they can find the clarity and courage to take the next best step. After creating a vision board at one of Leah's retreats I went on to achieve every single item on it within several months. I highly recommend anything Leah does with much love and appreciation."

    Rhonda L.:

    "I was blessed to participate in a retreat led by Leah. Each place that we visited brought out different spiritual connections as well as the stories, insights, and workshops that Leah provided. The group of ladies bonded so beautifully, we even had a reunion 10 days after our return home. I went on the trip not knowing anyone beforehand and I now maintain friendships that I cherish. Participating in this trip was so out of the box for me and I am forever grateful that I went and that I continue to have Leah in my life."

    Devorah Feldman Research:

    "Leah gave me both hands-on tactics and tools for the emotional sides of my business. Before I had ideas; now I have actionable steps."

    Sarah Mageni Translations:

    "I have more clients than I can handle right now. This has been going on for over a year since we finished working together, so I am not too worried about not having enough clients. You can pat yourself on the back for helping me get to where I am now! I’m very grateful for your help and coaching."

    Ilana Gutterman, IRG Websites:

    "Working with Leah, I eliminated some of the most stressful and least profitable types of projects, that have been bogging me down. Instead, we identified my target market and developed new strategies for taking control of the process. Now instead of clients leading me, I can lead them, while understanding their real needs and overcoming obstacles."


    Nice to meet you

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    Ever since I was a child, I've been looking to understand the inner workings of life, to see through the veneer of surroundings and circumstances, and find the real way things work.


    Since I was born in the Soviet Union, I learned early on that what you see is not always what you get. That there are deeper truths behind everything. Despite the official anti-religious party line, I insisted on connecting in every way I could to our Jewish heritage.

    Spending the summers in the Jewish village of my grandfather, I'd pick up words in Yiddish, exchanged by his friends.


    My business education started when I was 9, during one of those summers. While staying with my grandfather, I "worked" at his market store. Watching him do business despite the Communist ban on private commerce, I inherited his trademark approach to leveraging even the most complicated situations. Although officially he ran a government second-hand shop, it was here that people came to sell and buy valuable, hard-to-get goods: hand-crafted clothes, estate jewelry, antiques, and items smuggled in from abroad. Dozens of families made a living with my grandfather's help. This became a lifelong lesson in finding treasures where nobody thought to look. Calculating with an abacus (Google it), customer service, and keeping one's mouth shut were other lessons imparted by my grandfather. His most memorable sentence? "Whoever eats alone, chokes."


    After spending my teen years in the United States, I came to Israel for college. Living my formative years on 3 different continents honed my ability to adapt to cultures, yet maintain an outside perspective. In my coaching and consulting work, I translate these skills into empathy and non-judgmental listening, combined with critical analysis of situations.


    I set up my first business in 2000, leveraging my 3 languages into a translation agency, which grew to include over 300 translators from all 5 continents, serving hundreds of clients in dozens of languages. Then, in 2014, I combined everything I had learned about confidence, goal-setting, achievement, and business development together with training in life coaching and business consulting (and a Master's in Organizational Psychology for good measure) to create a toolbox for helping women up their game in life and business.


    All of these experiences have translated into a lifelong quest for the principles of a proactive, meaningful, eyes-wide-open life. I have found these by discovering the improbable, yet undeniable links between the secret teaching of Chassidic masters and the latest research in human and organizational psychology. Both of these schools of thought and the connections between them accompany me as I coach women, consult companies, teach Torah, and lead retreats in Israel and abroad.


    Today it is my greatest joy to share what I have learned with other growth-oriented women like you.


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