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Can you afford to pay yourself?

100,000 shekels!

This is what she will be taking home over the next 10 months.


This client came back to me after we worked together a few years ago. Her business has grown 3 or 4 times, but she still didn't see enough money from it.

Of course she didn't. She was "taking what's left". And when you take what's left, there is not enough left.

Instead, I made her take a salary (again, because we have been through this already the last time around). Just like she pays her employees, she has to pay herself.

Putting yourself first, setting an intention on making money, proclaiming with action that you are worth just does it!

I am yet to see a client who set up a salary for herself and wasn't able to pay it.

And yes it was scary. What if there won't be enough money. But I have a question. You got employees and you didn't ask that. You got an office and you didn't ask that. So why is it only for yourself that there won't be enough? Why are you the only one who is not enough? Who is not deserving of getting paid properly?

And it's not just about business. We have this thing of putting our needs last. After the neighbors' and the sister-in-law's.

Pay yourself first.

With money. With attention. With time.

There is always enough for the important things.

And you are the most important thing in your life.